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Reporting a Bias Incident, Intimidation, or Hate Crime

In Case of an Emergency

If you have witnessed, or feel you have been the victim of, an incident of bias that represents a threat to the safety and well-being of the individuals or groups within the campus community, please report it immediately to the Office of Public Safety at (401) 865-2222.  Public Safety will document what happened, including where and when the incident occurred, the names of victims and alleged offenders, and the names of witnesses, if any.

Please note that if there is physical evidence (for example, graffiti, objects, photographs, notes, letters or documents, email or voicemail messages) related to the bias incident, to the extent possible, the evidence should not be handled, altered, manipulated, moved, deleted, erased, or otherwise disturbed.  In this way, College officials and/or police can accurately and completely document the incident and gather important evidence.

Making a Report

Any person may file a report regarding a bias-related incident; the reporter can be the alleged victim of the treatment, or the reporter can file a report on behalf of another person. The College strongly encourages campus community members to take an active role in reporting bias incidents and hate crimes in order to ensure an inclusive and welcoming campus for all.  If you have questions about a possible incident that you experienced witnessed, or were informed about, please contact the Bias Response Team Coordinator.

Members of the PC community can report a bias incident via the confidential online form below.

Online Form: REPORT an INCIDENT (requires login to the MyPC portal)

Once you click “Submit” on the form, you should receive an immediate confirmation webpage, and an email confirming your submission will follow soon after (usually within hours). A Bias Response Team Coordinator will respond to you shortly (as soon as possible, but within 72 hours) regarding the information you submitted in your report.

Individuals from outside of the PC community who wish to report an incident, or PC community members who do not wish to use the online form, should contact the Bias Response Coordinator to report an incident.  Please print out the incident report form here, complete it, and contact the Bias Response Coordinator directly to arrange time for a private meeting.  You should bring the completed form with you to your meeting.

Students should also be aware that there are confidential resources available on campus where they can discuss, and receive support for, an incident they experienced or witnessed without having to file an incident report.

Protection Against Retaliation

Any person who files a bias-incident report in good faith, who serves as a witness during an investigation, or who otherwise supports the report, is protected against retaliation.  Retaliation includes intimidation, threats, harassment, and other adverse action.  When evidence of retaliatory behavior exists, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

False reports

If an investigation reveals that a report of a bias-incident was not made in good faith – that it was knowingly false or filed with malicious intent – the reporter may be subject to disciplinary action.