Student Handbook

The Student Handbook was prepared for the Board of Trustees of the College by and under the auspices of the Vice President for Student Affairs administration.

The Student Handbook is applicable to all Providence College full-time undergraduate students.  The Code of Student Conduct and regulatory policies and procedures apply to all full-time undergraduate students, graduate students, special students, and students in the School of Continuing Education.

This Handbook provides information about student life resources and student activities at Providence College, and the applicable policies and procedures, including behavioral standards. Students are expected to become familiar with the contents of this Handbook, to act with careful consideration of its requirements, and to seek assistance whenever necessary and as directed.  In some instances, regulations governing a particular subject matter in the Handbook are also contained in the College catalogs or in other promulgated notices. The provisions of this Handbook are subject to revision by posting or otherwise published notice during the academic year.

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Important Policies