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Community Standards

The Office of Community Standards helps students who have violated standards of behavior reconcile with themselves and the community. The office assists students in their efforts to demonstrate strength of character, safe and productive behavior, and respect for all members of the Providence College community, its mission, and the Code of Student Conduct.

Guided by behavior change theories, Community Standards seeks to mitigate things preventing students from human flourishing.  The office is committed to education, meaningful dialogue, accountability, and adherence to a disciplinary forum that is transparent, fair, and devoted to student development.  We believe incidents can be seen as transformative life moments – leading to greater self-awareness and responsibility.

The Office of Community Standards, through its disciplinary officers, has been given the responsibility of administrating the College disciplinary procedure.  In all cases, the Office of Community Standards is dedicated to its educational role of holding students fairly and appropriately accountable in order to prepare them to pursue lives of meaning and purpose.

FAQs – Community Standards Office Operation During COVID-19:

Q. Will Formal Conduct Hearings be done remotely?

A. Yes, student conduct hearings will be completed over the phone or by Zoom. Students will be notified by email of the time/day of the hearing.

Q. Can I pay a fine on-line or have it deducted from my student account?

A. No, students will still have to report to the Office of Community Standards to pay fines, but will be asked to email Pat Grifka ( to set up a time to come to the office. Cash payments will be accepted in a drop-box outside the office and students can call when they arrive outside the office to pay the fine.

Q. What if I want to review my educational record/file?

A. Students should email Pat Grifka ( and Community Standards will provide the record remotely. 

Important Documents, Policies, and Programs: